Monday, 1 August 2011

Strawberry Mark and Sleepless nights.

Jobs for today:

  • Take Mimi for eye appointment at the Hospital
  • Tidy the house
When Mimi was born she developed a strawberry birth mark (hemangioma) right beside her eye which is why we have to have regular eye appointments.  Everyone said that it would disappear and I found it difficult to believe as for a time it just kept getting bigger.

Just before her first birthday

About 18months old

However here we are two years down the line and it is almost unnoticeable.  I used to get really fed up with people who would stop me in the shops and say "Oh who's she been fighting with?" or "That's a shiner".   Its really strange it wasn't there when she was born and popped up about a week after I had her.  Even more strange my nephew has a quite a large one on his bottom.  Poor little thing it became ulcerated and they were referred to Great Ormond Street.

Hardly noticeable now.
We thought that Mimi would be discharged today but from the little tests they do she seems to possibly be a little bit short sighted so we have to go again in a years time. 

After our hospital appointment we went in to town to pick a few bits up, Mimi was being a little horror and kept touching everything - one of those cringing I REALLY want to disown you type moments.  

By this time I needed some coffee to calm my nerves and wake me up after a rather sleepless night.
I just love this shop - Not only fab coffee
but great cakes & pastries.

The "BEST" coffee

Mimi decided that she would have a sleep after lunch - THANK GOD and I was finally able to get on with some of my jobs ready for the various guests & visitors we have coming this week.

Then we spent a couple of hours in the garden with Daddy, picking blackberries, playing in the tent and finishing a bit of gardening.

Mimi took her broom with her - Don't ask!
Something to do with cleaning and jobs.

Before Daddy got stung and stomped off.

Do we think Mimi will sleep through the night?

Until we went camping in France Mimi always went to bed between 6 & 7 and very rarely woke up in the night.
Since coming home she refuses to go to bed and tonight she spent an hour and a half screaming her head off.  She kept shouting "Mummy, Mummy Help, Mummy sit in chair"  when I said no it's bedtime, she started crying and then said "Get Mike, Mike sit in chair".  I had to reminder her that it's Daddy not Mike and that its bedtime.  What a little monkey.    

She said that she didn't like it in her bedroom because of the snail and the slug, which she said were on the ceiling.  So I got my feather duster and we removed the (imaginary) snail and the slug and flushed them down the toilet, then to make doubly sure we then got the Dyson.  This did the trick with the slug and the snail temporarily.

This is pretty much the same as last night expect that this went on between the hours of 10.30pm & 1.30am.

We have a busy week planned in our house so lets hope we all get some sleep.  
  • Hospital appointment today
  • Off to the beach tomorrow with J&I & D round in the evening for Facebook CPD!?!
  • M coming over Weds Lunch to discuss business ideas
  • Dentist on Thursday
  • Mimi & I have to go out all day Friday - Mike has a business client coming down to the seaside for the day
  • My brother and his girl friend to stay for the weekend plus my sister, her little boy and my other brother are home.  My Mum & Dad are away so this probably means that we will be the main port of call and we will end up catering for everyone!

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