Thursday, 25 August 2011

I wish this weather would decide what it's up to.  In between all these showers we have eventually managed to get outside to finish potting our planters.  Mimi even managed to persuade me to get the paddling pool out.  When the sun comes out it has been surprisingly warm.

Mimi helping with the planting

Not sure who's taking a photo of who

I think we have finally cracked the potty training.  We have had no accidents for the last few days and she has even started to wake me up in the night so that she can go for a wee wee.
I did find it really hard going but I am pleased that I stuck with it.  Once she realised that she had to use the potty it only took us a couple of days.  However we still have an issue with public toilets so we have to take our portable potty with us.

Today Mimi's little friend came round for lunch.  They were so cute sitting together at the table.  They kept copying one another.

Mimi taking "MR Doggy" for a walk

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