Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Where has the summer gone?

Yesterday we woke up to shining sun and a beautiful clear blue sky.  Having checked the weather forecast I decided that Monday was the day to spend in the garden catching up with my weeding and potting the fab terracotta planters Mike managed to pick up on ebay.  A steal at £10 for the three.

Unfortunately things didn't go to plan.  We set off early to Tesco & B&Q to pick up a few bits a bag of compost and some plants.  When we went into Tesco the sun was still shining by the time we came out 20mins later the sun had all but disappeared.  By the time we got home it was raining.  Our plants are still sitting on the table outside well watered and waiting to be planted.

So instead of spending time in the garden Mimi helped me with some baking.  We made a great Coffee & Walnut Cake using the Nigel Slater recipe I found on the internet.

We haven't faired much better with the weather today either.  We had originally planned to go into London with Mike.  Mike had a meeting and we were going to meet him afterwards.  I really want to take Mimi on a train as she hasn't been on one before.  I also want to go and see the Miro exhibition at the Tate Modern before it finishes in September.  The Miro exhibition is the first one in the UK for 50 years. 


Needless to say having looked at the torrential rain that was forecast and the fact that I would have a toddler and a buggy in London I decided we would try and go another day and instead we went to Bluewater with Kate.  We didn't buy very much and the journey was pretty horrid with all of the spray on the road.  I did however managed to get some concealer and an eye liner from Space NK.  I really like Space NK but our nearest store outside of London is Bluewater.  I know you can order online, but unless you know exactly what you want it is difficult to see the correct colours on a computer.

  1. Terry Touch-Expert Advanced Multi-Corrective Concealer Brush
  2. Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner 

Mimi had fun jumping around in Hobbs.  I am not sure that I will be taking her to Bluewater again any-time soon. 

We had a lovely lunch at Leon.

We had the Chicken Curry, Falafel Lunch Box and Hummus and Flat Bread.  I was introduced by one of my really good friends from work and it quickly became one of my favourite places to eat.  They have also produced the most amazing cookbook.  Not only does it have some great in-store recipes but it is beautifully designed.

Finally we have Mimi modelling her new "Cat" PJ's from John Lewis.

Now for something I meant to show you the other day but totally forgot.  Check out these wild Poppies I found on the beach at the weekend.


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