Sunday, 7 August 2011

Great Weekend

First up.  I would like to thank TOTS 100 for the mention.  We were reviewed in this months top new blogs which I am really chuffed about.  Its always great to hear that people value and actually read my blog.  

We have had a lovely weekend with my brother and his girlfriend.

As always Mimi worshipped the ground they walk on and has been crazy all weekend.

Potty training seems to have taken a move in the right direction - Peppa Pig Chair is definitely a winner especially when combined with special treats.  On Friday we went to Tesco and brought a lot of inexpensive toys and gifts such as bubbles, little cars, chocolate bars, a shaker which was 50p in the sale. I put them all in a special bag which only comes out when we have managed to do a wee wee in the potty.

Last night I cooked the most amazing slow roast lamb (originally we were going to have a BBQ but in typical British style it rained!)  We had a great evening just the four of us and a few bottles of wine.  My younger brother was originally going to join us but got a better offer (after watching the rugby with his mates).

Then today we have had a bit of a lazy day.  We spent the day at home chatting and playing with Mimi.

When we got up at 6.30am we looked out of the window and these people were already outside clambering all over the bank stripping the Blackberry bushes right outside our window.  And I mean RIGHT outside our window.  They were there last night too.  They picked so many in their rather large black bucket that they had to carry it over their shoulder.

Now I don't want to be mean there are loads there but this is actually on the land that belongs to the house.  We would never pick them all and I think that its great that people can pick such a great fruit; however I think that people should be considerate of others.  What they are intending to do with so many is beyond me anyway.

Photo taken from our kitchen window.

After my little moan Mimi found her Daddy's DIY knee pads this morning and found a new use for them.  She made us laugh as she looked like she should audition for a job in Dallas.  

Mike managed to get a Windsurf in before lunch as it was seriously windy this morning way too windy for sailing.  The weather finally decided to be kind to us and we had a great BBQ.  My younger brother eventually put in a belated appearance (looking a little worse for ware!) and we had a lovely lunch.

Then coffee/tea in the garden where Mimi continued to run around like a mad child.

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