Sunday, 14 August 2011

Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend.  Mikes friend A came down for the weekend.

He lives in Deptford and works in Camden.  He said he had had a rubbish week and most days they had been forced to leave work early on police advice.

Friday night the boys picked up Fish & Chips and we had a lovely evening catching up over a couple of glasses of Vino.

Then Saturday morning the weather wasn't up to much so we popped in to town for coffee at Costa.  I was trying to persuade the boys to walk down to my favourite Italian coffee shop but they didn't want to get wet!!!  I did however manage to squeeze a quick trip into carried away.  I absolutely love this shop.  However I can not visit too often otherwise I would be permanently skint.  I brought this great little bracelet.  She always has so many lovely things that are always so reasonably priced.  Going in has inspired me to keep going with my crafty bits and bobs.  I just need to find time to upload them all onto Etsy.

My new purchase from Carried Away

In the afternoon we went to our friends 50th birthday picnic which was great.  The sun came out for the occasion and I even dared to wear my shorts!  Much to my annoyance I forgot my phone which I was planning on using to take photos.  Mike said I could use his phone but as usual unless you have it with you all the time the moment is lost.  Never mind I am sure there will be plenty more occasions. 
We had a great afternoon.  Plenty of good company and great food.  I don't think that I could have asked for more.  I like the idea of afternoon gatherings as it means I don't have to worry too much about Mimi and I don't tend to drink too much which means that the next day isn't a total write off.

I think that Mimi might finally be getting the hang of the potty business.  She just went and sat on the potty of her own accord without making a big deal about it and did a wee wee.

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