Thursday, 18 August 2011

Not enough time in the day!

We are nearing the end of the summer holidays and I have been busy trying to cram in as many things as possible as I know that once I go back to work I just wont find the time.

So to save on having to upload endless photos I have decided to upload a mood board of some of the "little" projects I have started this week and some of the things that have inspired me.

My new book Material Obsession has arrived and I have decided which quilt I am going to set as part of my winter project. I am very excited about making it and I am determined to finish it.  I often start projects and loose interest in them and they sit untouched sometimes for years.  We have been out and brought the material and last night I finally managed to find some spare time to start cutting out some of the pieces.

Mike has very kindly taken Mimi out for a couple of hours so that I can get some things done.  The constant whining is really starting to get through to me and I am very grateful for the peace and quiet.

My desk and a cup of tea - ahh the peace!

I should really be sorting out my folders ready to go back to work, but instead I find myself sitting here updating my blog and avoiding my school work.

Since my last post we have been fairly busy.
We finished our stone project and I am quite pleased with the outcome.  Mimi did however manage to cover herself in permanent pens including a pair of her trousers!

We have been to see D&H again for more HTC CPD, and Mimi seems to have grasped the whole potty thing.  Yipppeeee.

Everyone down at my Mum & Dads has finally got over their stomach bug so we have eventually managed to catch up with my Dad.  Mimi loves her Pa and they spent a lovely afternoon messing about.  Its really great to see them playing together.  I am sure that my Dad was never like that with us.

Messing around with Pa

Oh no who is this with uncle J?

We spent some time in the garden enjoying an ice cream in the sun.  I don't know where the sun has gone this morning as it was distincly chilly when I went out earlier to hang the washing out.  A definite autumnal nip to the air!

And finally my new bracelet arrived from Etsy.  I think I may have to order some more of these for Christmas presents.  Anyone who has not taken a look at Etsy really should.  There are some great original gift ideas.

Only this morning I brought something on there.  I was checking out How about an Orange blog which had this fab article by twirling betty on using making tape to make magnets.  Following the links I have brought some masking tape with grey spots from Pretty Tape.

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