Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy Days

This weekend we have

  • Tidied the house and then trashed it again
  • Had a BBQ
  • Played in the paddling pool
  • Drunk far too much alcohol
  • Been eaten out of house and home
  • Not ventured far from the house 
  • had our first biting experience (Mimi was the one who got bitten!)
  • And witnessed a true toddler melt down 
Aside from the above we have had a great weekend old friends, great company and great weather.

My old uni friend came down from London for the weekend with her little girl and her partner.  It was really good to catch up apart from Mimi being bitten the girls played together beautifully.  I love watching Mimi interacting with other children.  

We made it to the beach on Saturday and we attempted a trip down to the sailing club yesterday to watch Mike go sailing but L had a proper melt down.  (I thought Mimi could throw a good temper tantrum but by these standards Mimi is a pussy cat.)  So we had to turn back, at which point Mimi then kicked off because she didn't want to go home.  Mimi was easily placified with a jelly sweet and Tangled.  I think that L was just really tiered as she was ok once she had woken back up.

Once L woke up we all had the best retro lunch I have had in ages.  Fish-Finger sandwiches, chips,  chicken nuggets and white bread.  Yum Yum.  I used to live off fish-finger sandwiches when I was a child and they still form one of my favourite snacks.  Quite often when I am cooking them for Mimi I will chuck a few extra in for a sandwich.

Retro lunch in the garden

After our friends left I caught Daddy and Mimi taking a break on the sofa together.  They really made me laugh reading their papers together.

My Mum and Dad came up for a quick cup of tea and to collect their plant.  Mimi was most upset and kept asking why Grandma was taking Mummy's flowers.  Whilst they were here this really strange lady walked up the field stopped right outside our lounge window, clambered into the undergrowth and dug something up.  She them put what ever it was into a bag and then walked off with it.  Honestly!  We even went out in the garden to see what she was up to and she didn't even bat an eyelid.

Now why is it children wait until you have just dropped off to sleep when they decide that they are going to wake up?  Ever since we went camping back at the start of July Mimi's sleeping pattern has been knocked out.  Daddy made the fatal mistake of giving her some Milk and this appears to have set a really unhealthy precedent.  Also the Snail and Slug nightmares continue.  We have decided that there will be no more milk after bedtime from now on.

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