Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Before we went on holiday at the end of July our TV was on continuously from the min we woke up until we all went to bed.  We were starting to fall into the trap of putting Mimi in front of the TV to keep her quiet whilst I got on with a few things.  I forget how many times I have watched Tangled or Peppa Pig.  I even knew the opening lines to Peppa Pig.

Mimi would sit glued to the TV and I would get frustrated at the fact she would either not eat her breakfast/Tea or she would eat it as slowly as a snail.
Then just before we went away I read a couple of articles one was by Mariella Frostrup in the Telegraph and the other was by Zoe Ball in the Daily Mail.  Both of these articles talked about their lives.  Mariella talked about her home life with her children.  These articles got me thinking about us and our lives together here.

Then we went on holiday and other than the ipad (which was used when it was raining or when we had been sitting in the car too long) we didn't have access to a TV and we didn't miss it.  When we got home I decided that we didn't need it here either and we banned it during the week.  However I didn't want to be totally mean about it so Mimi is allowed to watch it at the weekend.

What a change.  I am so pleased we decided to do it.  Breakfast is much quicker and the whole house feels so much calmer.  Mimi used to scream about watching more Peppa Pig, all this has stopped and she doesn't ask to watch Tangled or Toy Story.  I really noticed the change this weekend when she was transfixed with the TV and had to be coaxed into eating her breakfast.

Also I get more done as I don't keep stopping to catch up on the latest Neighbours gossip or East Enders.

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