Sunday, 31 July 2011

A week of dusting to come?!?

Jobs for today:

  • A little bit of washing
  • Recover from a slight over indulgence last night
  • Attempt to tidy the house
  • Pitch the tent for Mimi to play in.
Additional jobs which crept in
Just before it went in the oven.

The finished bread fresh from the oven.
  • Started to dig over the vegetable patch and weeding of the garden - the bindweed was strangling all of the roses.
Whilst we were sitting at the table for Mimi's tea the farmer has just turned up with his combine harvester and has started to harvest the wheat in the field in front the house.  To put this into some perspective the field is about 3ft from our kitchen window.  I don't mind as we have fab views out over the field and the sea but just check out the dust cloud it is creating!

View from the Kitchen Window

Yesterday I took Mimi shopping because I had promised her that if she managed to get 10 smiley faces through out the week then she could have a Thomas the Tank Engine.  I have learnt a valuable piece of parenting knowledge - Never promise something like this until you have checked the prices.  I nearly had a fit the first Thomas we found was about £40.  Luckily for me as Mike would have killed me Mimi found some Rabbit ears (in the sale so even better!) which she pranced round the shop in and a little set of George Pig & Danny Dog figures.  These were considerably cheaper than Thomas although I did find a slightly cheaper version for £10 which I will have to remember for future.

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