Thursday, 4 August 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Two days ago we were on the beach and yesterday we had the paddling pool out.  Today we sheltered inside from the driving rain.

To keep ourselves busy today we have done some baking.  We made the Jamie Oliver Chocolate & Chilli cake although I adapted the recipe and made it with dark muscovado sugar.  I also adapted the icing.  I placed the broken up chocolate in a bowl and heated the cream with a knob of butter on the stove until it was boiling, I then poured the cream over the chocolate and left it for about 5-10 mins.  I then stirred it  altogether and when cool placed it in the fridge until it started to set.

Chocolate and Chilli Cake

We played Hide N Seek

Mimi's idea of hiding.

In between the showers we managed a quick trip in to town to grab a few things for the weekend (we have my brother and his girlfriend coming to stay).  We brought Mimi some new socks.  I had my back turned for 1 minute and she had put them all on!

I have managed to squeeze in a spare few minutes to upload my first items on to Etsy.  Quite nervous about how people will view my work and whether I will get any interest or not.  There is so much good stuff on there like these fab bracelets which I am going to order as soon as I have completed this post.

I Love Knots Bracelet
I Love Knots Bracelet

Just after putting Mimi to bed I was looking out of the window when I saw this cute little cruise ship going towards Dover.  Looking at this photo now it almost feels as if we haven't had any rain today!  

I am hoping the weather improves tomorrow as we have to go out for the day.  Mike has a business associate coming down from London.   Having your wife and noisy child knocking about doesn't really give that "Professional Edge".

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