Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy Wednesday

After an early trip to Sainsburys (Mimi free) I had the most amazing breakfast.  I am not a breakfast person and usually have to force myself to eat something.  Today however was a new experience.  Yesterday I made a blackberry compote which I had with some Greek yoghurt and grenola and it was delicious. 


Once we were sorted we decided that the weather was looking good so we thought we would give the new paddling pool a test run.  Whilst the weather started out OK it unfortunately didn't last very long with the cloud rolling in and the wind picking up.  Mimi and her collection of peppa pig creatures seemed to enjoy it until they all became a bit too cold.

I am starting to reach the end of my tether.  Mimi is really pushing the boundaries and is refusing to use the potty.  Now this is not because she can't or she doesn't understand as she managed it several times over the last two days.  It is because she is choosing not to.  Not even the temptation of treats or chocolate is now working.  She has also become really clingy and has been hanging on to my leg most of the day or demanding cuddles.  In sheer desperation as I don't like to ask too often we have rung Mikes parents who have very kindly said that they will take her for a couple of hours in the morning for me. Phew!  A couple of hours peace and quiet on the other hand this may mean that I can actually clean the house!  We have got a succession of guests over the next few weekends and our house is a state!

I took my car to the garage yesterday for a service and investigation into this weird knocking noise - we were really worried as the knocking was getting louder.  This knocking noise turned out to be the spare wheel bolt which had worked itself loose!  I expect they thought - "Typical - Women!"

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