Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Don't like Mummy - Where's Daddy?

If I hear that line once more today I think I am going to scream!

Weather was looking good this morning so I decided we would stop at home and get the paddling pool out.  All sounds good but things didn't go to plan.

First off the paddling pool seems to have developed a puncture so as quick as I was pumping it up it was deflating - needless to say Mimi jumping on it wasn't helping.  Luckily the paddling pool is made up of several separate rings so we ignored the puncture and moved on to the next ring where we found another puncture although not as bad.  Eventually we managed to get enough air into it to keep it up.

Then the fun of filling it.  Our garden is to the side of the house.  You can not see it from the kitchen so every time I went inside to get warm water she had to come with me and each time I got the Oh No Mimi's crying - Big Tears and the don't like Mummy - where's Daddy?

Finally we did manage to get in to the pool and it did hold up for the day even with all the jumping on it.

This business of playing Mummy and Daddy off against one another is really starting to show its ugly head.  Tonight when Daddy was bringing her in from the garden she said "No like Daddy - Like Mummy".  I think it is being made worse by the fact that Daddy has his own business and works from home.

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