Friday, 5 August 2011

How many potties do we need?

The potty training isn't going to plan!!!!!!

I naively thought that we would crack it within days - just like all the other mothers keep telling me.  However in our house this is far from the case.  We have a serious case of potty and toilet phobia and this is at home, just imagine the panic we have at the thought of a public toilet.

I originally thought that a "Potty" was a "Potty" and brought a pink one from Tesco.  This didn't work and Mimi would flatly refuse to use it.  So I then brought one that looked a bit more comfy from John Lewis, this has proved even more unpopular than the pink one.

After what feels like an eternity following her around with the potty I took Mimi to mothercare this morning where we looked at all the different potties and she chose the one she wanted a "Pink Peppa Pig" chair and a Potette travel potty.  The travel potty folds out and you can attach little bags which can then be disposed.  Great idea - lets hope Mimi will take to it.  We also went and chose which knickers we wanted, a lovely but very expensive packet of Fifi knickers.  She proceeded to drag the potty chair around the shop with her and happily sat on it.  She was also more willing to sit on the travel potty.  Yay!!!!  Fingers crossed we have turned a corner.

Onto the next issue I have created for us.  Each time Mimi sat on the toilet or the potty I offered her sweets all she does now is run around the house shouting I need a wee, I need a wee.  Sweetie please.  I honestly thought that the transition from nappies to being dry would be so much easier.

After checking out the potties and making our purchases we visited Howletts Zoo with J&H.  We had a lovely day, all the animals were out for us to see and Mimi & H played really well together.  They are just so cute.

Great thing about the Zoo is it is all outside so if we have all the little wee wee accidents we had were not a major issue.

Watching the Monkeys
Tomorrow is a new day - Nappies have been removed special toilet rewards have been brought.  At least we have the weather for potty training.

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