Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

For Christmas we brought Mimi a Vtech Kidizoom Camera.  I was fed up with her always trying to get hold of my camera!  I thought it would be great for her to take out and about.  

Vtech Kidizoom Camera | £49.99

Ergonomically designed it is easy for Mimi to hold and use.  It has a big screen which is great for taking and viewing photos as well as two view finders.  The lens has been cleverly designed so that it can swivel backwards or forwards allowing Mimi to take photos of herself.
Yesterday Mimi went to see Granny.  Whilst they were out Granny brought her a little princess photo album.

She was very excited with her new photo album so we connected her little pink camera up to the computer and printed some of her photos.  It was funny to look at all the photos from the height of a two year old.  We had lots of photos of shoes and close ups of her face.  Do you remember when we were little before digital cameras? - We would have a film of 12 photos which in invariably wouldn't come out either over or under focused and cost you a fortune to get developed.
This is a great camera for little ones.  It appears to be pretty indestructible and bounces pretty well.  It has a internal memory and lots of functions to jazz up your photos.  Mimi is finally starting to get the hang of using it now and it has become another item we need to carry around with us.

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