Saturday, 5 May 2012

H is for Holiday

About a month ago we decided to book a midweek break at CenterParcs.  This was our third break with CenterParcs.  Last time we visited Elveden Forest, this time we returned to Sherwood Forest and despite the one day of rain we had a fab week, we opted for a New Style Woodland Lodge in the middle zone.  Our lodge was a stones throw from the water and Mimi had a great time watching all the wildlife from the living area.   We had a problem with our cooker on the first night so we rang guest services and within 5minutes someone had come round to fix it for us.

The main living area.

There was so much to look at.  Mimi was so excited all week.  My Mum leant her some Winnie the Pooh bed covers which made bed time much easier.  I was a bit nervous about bed time.  About 10 days ago Mimi decided she didn't want to wear a nappy to bed, I was just so fed up with the fight that I relented.  Bearing in mind that she is still only two I fully expected to be up in the middle of the night changing bed covers.  It didn't happen, she woke me up to tell me she needed the toilet then she went straight back to bed.  Going away to CenterParcs made me a bit paranoid so we took the plastic sheet with us and some disposable mattress sheets.  As it happens we didn't need them.  Touch wood we have not had one night time accident since Mimi decided she didn't want to wear a nappy! 

We had such a good week.  CenterParcs is so well set up.  We got a babysitter to come in one evening so that we could go swimming and have a drink.  Then with all the other facilities on site we ate out at Strada one evening and drank coffee most mornings in Starbucks.  

A night out at Strada
Coffee in Starbucks

We went out on our bikes and saw a Heron and marvelled at the amazing (but expensive) tree houses.  

We ended our fab week with a visit to Mikes Aunty and Uncle, a traffic jam on the M25 and a Mcdonalds Happy Meal at the flithy Clacket Lane Services operated by Roadchef.  If you need to stop don't stop here.  It is disgustingly dirty, there were rats running around the car park, the toliets looked like they were in need of a deep clean and the chair I wiped in Mcdonalds after Mimi spilt her drink came up a different colour.

Needless to say none of this has helped my weight loss.  Weight watchers weigh in earlier today saw a gain of a pound and half!!!


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