Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trip to a real ZOO!!

Yesterday I took Mimi to Wingham Wildlife Park.  We last visited when Mimi was about 6 months old and I thought it was a bit ropey but since then the park has changed hands and has improved hugely.  They have peacocks and chickens which run wild around the park.  A lot of the enclosures have been designed so that you can walk through them and touch the animals.  They have got everything from penguins and flamingos to tigers, lions and snakes.  I felt that for a one off it was a bit pricey; for me and Mimi it would have been£20.00 (children 2-12 are £9.00!) so I decided to shell out for a years pass which was £58.00 that way I can pop in and out as and when we feel like it.  A few of our friends have passes and outside of school holidays its will make for a good coffee stop.  However if it has been raining I have now learnt that wellie boots are a good bet as it was seriously muddy in places.

One crazy baby ready for the zoo -
Luckily she decided to leave her crash helmet and glasses in the car!

Penguins at feeding time.

Mimi pretending to be a penguin.

The very cute prairie dogs which kept popping up
from their tunnels. 
Ever since going Mimi keeps telling everyone she went to a REAL Zoo!  She was funny when she walked past the lions - she said they were too scary and covered her eyes with Mr Doggie and proceeded to ask where the snakes were!!


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