Sunday, 20 May 2012

Party Time

Yesterday we had Mimi’s 3rd Birthday Party.  I am not too sure what I was thinking when I invited everyone.  All I can say is thank goodness the weather was good and they could all play outside, otherwise the house might have been trashed!!!
We ended up with about 12 coming.  There were a few people who either just did not come or failed to even respond to our invites which is annoying.  I am pleased I decided against putting together party bags.  I thought about doing them but having priced them up at Tesco decided against it as how many people ever actually play with anything in them?!?
I spent most of Friday and Saturday morning baking and decorating cakes and biscuits.  (none of this is good for my diet!!!)  Mimi requested a Buzz Lightyear cake. So guess what my Mum and I were doing late Friday night!

We were quite pleased with the finished cake although a little person was so excited on Saturday morning she couldn't resist poking it!!
I have been dying to make some stained glass biscuits for ages.  I doubled the mixture and made what seemed like thousands of the blinking things. and dented my rolling pin in the process – but they look impressive.  I thought they would make good Christmas presents.

Then the usual fairy cakes.  I have developed a new icing which is the best to date.  (A blog post for another day)

She was one spoilt baby who is now fast asleep on the sofa – obviously it was all too much for her.

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