Monday, 14 May 2012

Knitted Zebra

About three weeks ago I brought knitted wild animals by Sarah Keen.

Knitted Wild Animals

This is a great book with easy to follow instructions and excellent diagrams for beginners.      Even better all the patterns have been designed using cheap wool – quite often these pattern books use wool which cost the earth.The book includes a wide selection of patterns – Elephant’s, Giraffe’s, Zebra’s, Lion’s, Panda’s, Tiger’s, Crocodile’s, Monkey’s, Snake’s, Hippo’s, Rhino’s, Warthog’s, Koala’s, Moose’s and Penguin’s.
After showing the book to Mimi and visiting the wool shop in town we settled on a red and white striped Zebra.  To knit my Zebra I used roughly 100g which cost me about £2.00.

Last night I finally got round to finishing him.

 I think she likes him!  So far today he has gone to playschool and had a lovely afternoon nap.
Now I am contemplating my next project (I will just pretend I don’t have lots of outstanding projects).  I might try the Crocodile – I think he looks great

 However when I was out shopping today I picked up some Louisa Harding wool from The Sewing Shop so now I am thinking perhaps I will knit Mimi a cardigan as I have an idea for a pattern.

My lovely new wool.

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  1. I so want one! he has the cutest face! ever thought about commissions?



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