Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mimi's Birthday

On Tuesday Mimi was 3.  I can not believe how quickly the last 3 years have flown by.

She was totally spoilt and is one very lucky girl.  She was wide awake at 5am and by 6am we were outside in our PJ's jumping on the trampoline!!!!

 Having gone on and on and on about BUZZ Lightyear since Christmas it was lucky the Birthday fairies were listening.  However Mimi informed me that the fairies must have been shopping at Tesco!!  (I didn't realise that there were different Buzz Lightyear's depending on which Toy Story Film he is from)

She is such a lucky girl my brothers (who cant make her birthday party on Saturday) sent presents and cards.  My brother who is currently out in the Caribbean on work rang on the sat phone.  

 Mimi's little friend M came to play for the day and in between the showers there was lots more jumping - I had to keep drying it off with towels for them.

Then to top off the day Mimi was even more spoilt by all of her grandparents who came in for tea and cake.  No Birthday is complete without a Birthday Cake.

We had a lovely day.  Between Mimi and M the house was a tip, I keep trying to tidy it but its two steps forwards and about four back!  There is way too much cake in the house for someone on a Weight Watchers diet.  Now onto phase two: planning and organising for her birthday party on Saturday!

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