Friday, 25 May 2012

Cute cards with knitted finger puppets.

I seem to have been really busy all week but I have been met with a mental block as to what to blog about!  Does anyone else suffer from this?

Today the block appears to be lifting and I have decided to post about my latest project.  The other day I was in Canterbury in Cath Kidson buying Mikes Aunty Maggies Birthday present when I saw they had some cute birthday cards with knitted finger puppets on the front.  They looked really cool but I thought at £4.50 they were a bit on the pricey side so I popped round to my favourite shop of all time The Sewing Shop and picked up a great little finger puppet book which cost me less than two cards.


Aunty Maggie is a knitting enthusiast and collects chickens (not real ones - the ornament version) so with chickens on my mind I set about my first card.  A finger puppet chicken.

My finished chicken.

And here he is on the card.

I printed the card using Adobe Illustrator.

This book has some amazing patterns, is well set out with great images and the patterns are easy to follow.  The best bit about making these cute finger puppets is you can use up all your old off cuts and you can make one from start to finish in an evening.  I thought I might try and make some Christmas cards for the kids or maybe even put some on etsy.

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