Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Too much Chocolate!

The Easter bunny and his Chocolate Easter Eggs have a lot to answer for.........  My beautiful perfect baby okay so maybe I am being a bit delusional has grown horns and turned into the Devil before my eyes.  I have lost count the number of times she has been on the naughty mat for not sharing, snatching things from her cousin and hitting my parents dog.  We have also been subjected to serious toddler melt downs with screaming which alternated between a youdle and a wail.  She has been quite horrid.

All that said we have had a good weekend catching up with friends and family and this year I got my act together and we made our own Easter presents.  I picked up some egg moulds a couple of weeks back in poundland.

My Weight Watchers Diet has gone out of the window this weekend!!!  I am not looking forward to my weigh in on Saturday!!!

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