Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our day that was

I'm not sure what it is about being at home all the time but I seem to get far less done that I did when I was working.  Especially when the weather has been so grim.

However we shouldn't moan.  We really need the rain and all this water has given my strawberry plants a growth spurt and in the brief moments of sunshine the garden is looking good. 

Today I have 

Removed countless socks which have become trapped in the washing machine door.  In what must be the most annoying washing machine ever.  

Refereed between Mimi and Maddie (my mums & dads dog) and removed countless items from being eaten.  

We had Mimi's little friend M over to play for the morning.  But Mimi was seriously grumpy and she took herself off to bed!

I did some baking with Mimi and made a chicken and mushroom pie for dinner.

Played paper aeroplanes in the garden with Daddy and Mimi

Lastly my strange baby has fallen in love with a stuffed door stop in the shape of a dog which has been named "Brother Doggy" (I think she is trying to tell us something!).  Brother Doggy gets taken to bed and pushed around in her buggy and is quite loved.  This afternoon disaster struck and his head fell off!!!!!!

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