Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shopping trip to Bluewater

Yesterday Mimi and I took a shopping trip to Bluewater with my friend K.  I don't know what it is about shopping but I came home feeling totally spaced out.  I am not a huge fan of shopping malls however I think if you have small children in tow somewhere like Bluewater is much easier.  There are plenty of toilets with baby changing facilities (which are spotlessly clean), lots of coffee shops and eateries which are all child friendly and you don't have to worry about putting coats on and off.  The main reason for our trip is that Bluewater has our nearest John Lewis and Space NK so I were able to stock up on a of my favourite essentials.

Eve Lom: Space NK or John Lewis online | Nars Bronzer: Space NK

For a while I have been thinking about making Mimi some clothes, I have the cutest fabric but I have been struggling to find a decent pattern that is until now.  John Lewis stock a range of burda Kids so I picked up a couple of patterns for a skirt and some dresses.  All I need to do now is pluck the courage up and get the sewing machine out!!

Burda Sewing Patterns: John Lewis (instore) | Retro apple print fabric: The Sewing Shop

We mustn't forget the dinosaur that I brought Mimi.  She makes me laugh. There she is all girly in her skirts and dresses clutching her dinosaur.  Schleich produce a wide range of great animals which you can pick up from a number of retailers including the Early Learning Centre.

Schleich Dinosaur: John Lewis

Each time I take Mimi I think to myself it will be the last time!!  Yesterday she wasn't too bad apart from a complete toddler melt down in Waterstones where she dramatically threw herself on the floor and started screaming I don't like you, wheres my Daddy, I want my Daddy.  When I tried to pick her up she went all limp and then the crocodile tears came.  I felt like a mother out of control!!!  I did eventually manage to get her into the buggy but by the end of it I too was almost in tears!!!  From previous experiences I have learnt that it is much easier if I take the bugaboo instead of the Maclaren as she drags her feet along the floor with the Maclaren and if I try to put her in it it quite often tips over backwards and is a general nightmare.  However the advantages of the Maclaren are that it doesn't take up much space and can be left in the car for emergences.


  1. I'm so intrigued how you achieve your photographs with the white background.
    I've never used Eve Lom cleanser, I must try it.
    Also never been to Bluewater, sounds great even with a toddler!
    Would love to see how you got on with your outfits :)

  2. I use a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to put together my images. However I can now get instgram on my HTC which I am very excited about.

    The Eve Lom Cleanser is amazing, the tub I brought will probably last me until at least November. You only need a tiny amount and it really is great at removing all traces of make up.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.



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