Monday, 16 April 2012

Last Week # busy few days.

Last week was a bit busy and I didn't get much time to sit down.  We spent a lovely time with our families over the Easter weekend.

On Tuesday I took Mimi and her little friend M to Howletts Zoo for the day.  It was great, there were lots of baby animals to look at the children had a lovely time.  It was an experience taking two  toddlers out on my own.  We were doing okay with one in the buggy and one on the buggy board until we got to the play area.  They both ran off in different directions and it was really busy.  It freaked me out a bit especially as one of them wasn't mine.

Mimi enjoying her picnic at the zoo

Thursday we walked into town to meet my friend J and her two girls I and S for lunch.  On the way into town it was lovely and warm in the sunshine but then the showers came and it felt like we had been plunged into the middle of winter.  I took some great photos on the way into town with my htc phone using instagram.

Then Friday Mimi had her little friend M to play for the morning.  They were just so cute together and played beautifully.  You know what its like some children play well together and others just fight and rub each other up the wrong way but these two together were lovely to watch.  I don't know what the obsession is with cardboard boxes but they played for hours.

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