Thursday, 12 April 2012

Finding the perfect meringue recipe.

Last weekend my Mum served up Mini Pavlova's as a great dessert.  What's better than crisp but sticky meringue's with cream and fruit.  My Mum picked up some great meringue nests from Marks and Spencer but it got me thinking could I make my own which taste just as good?

After some research on the internet I finally settled on a recipe I found on the Guardian Website.  In the past when I have made meringues I have used normal caster sugar straight from the bag.  This recipe requires spreading the sugar onto a tray and baking it in the oven before adding it to the egg whites.  They were remarkably easy to make.  I left them in the oven overnight on the lowest setting. 

I would have liked them to have puffed up a bit more.
These were definitely the best meringues I have ever made.  You can get the recipe here The Guardian: How to make the perfect meringue I was a bit disappointed that they didn't rise a bit more.  I think I will have another go but for the time being I am still looking for the perfect meringue recipe.

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