Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shopping # The Range

Today with the weather being so pants I decided we would take a trip over to our nearest Range.  I have NEVER seen a shop which managed to cram such a large amount of unnecessary (but necessary at the same time) stuff into it.  It reminded me of Walmart or Big W.  As soon as I walked in my mind went totally blank and I could not for the life of me remember what I had gone in for.  They had everything from soft furnishings to camping equipment.  I did however pick up a new washing basket and peg bag both things that I have been meaning to replace for a while in the end I managed to spend £30 on "unnecessary" stuff!

Mimi had a lovely time checking out all the stuff.  They had a craft bench where children could draw and colour in which I thought was great idea.

Taking it easy watching the world go by.

Ooooo WE SO wanted this peppa pig chair!!


  1. The Range is certainly one shop I always come out with more than I had intended to!

  2. I know it's ridiculous; It is just stuffed full of stuff I need but just didn't realise it!!



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