Friday, 13 April 2012

I made it myself - Retro print skirt.

I have been considering for a while about making Mimi some clothes.  I always have great ideas and intentions but my confidence always gets the better of me and my planned projects slowly slip towards the back of the cupboard.    Last week whilst shopping at Bluewater I came across a range of patterns at John Lewis called burda.

They had a great selection of patterns and I finally settled on a skirt and a dress.  This week I finally plucked up the courage.  I got my new sewing machine out and made Mimi a skirt.  

I am really pleased with the outcome.  It was a really easy pattern to follow which was well set out.  I made a few mistakes (not that you would know) but it was a great project to boost my confidence on the sewing machine.  All the effort was worth while.  When I was walking into Town with Mimi a lady walked past and commented on what a beautiful skirt she was wearing.  Now I just need to pick a new material to make the next one.  I have become very inspired by retro mummy and I may even try making one as a gift for my friends little girl.  For anyone who has not checked out retro mummy it is well worth the visit.  I am not sure how Corrie manages to complete as much as she does with four children in tow and another one on the way.  It puts me to shame.  I struggle and I only have Mimi!!! Now that I have started I just need to keep the momentum up.


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