Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ABC Series E


Buttons the Easter Bunny : Hotel Chocolate £6.50

With E week falling in the run up to Easter we have had plenty of things to keep us busy.

I carefully blew a load of raw eggs (someone has been eating lots of scrambled eggs).
Using a needle I made a small hole at one end of the egg, I then turned them upside down and made a slightly larger hole making sure that I pushed the needle in wiggling it around to break up the yolk.
Then covering the larger hole with a straw I blew the egg out of its shell.  After blowing all of the eggs I carefully washed and dried them.

Then the messy part; we covered them with bits of crepe paper and tissue and added some paint.  I was expecting to loose a few of them by over excited fingers but actually they were stronger than I thought.  Once dry we then carefully glued some ribbon on to them and hung them from some twigs we got from the garden.    I found quite a few good tutorials on the internet with Martha Stewart and Aunt Peaches for a whole host of the best tutorials out there check out babble.  However I got my original idea for our Easter Tree from this book:

Homemade: Gorgeous things to make with love
Amazon: £25.00

Then with all the paint out we decided to make some Easter Cards.  Look at all that glitter!!  These were really simple but effective to make you will need:
Coloured card
Petit four cake cases
Paint Brush.

I made a template for the flowers which we drew around to make the flowers.  We then glued them down and used the petit four cases for the centre.

Even with all of this Easter mess Mimi had the most fun playing in a couple of cardboard boxes I got whilst I was out shopping. 

We made one into a house for Mr Doggy 

And the other one became a car.

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