Saturday, 1 October 2011

What an amazing start to October.  How many of us are in denial about the fact that winter is looming just around the corner?
I was woken up to a beautiful sunrise and Mimi clutching a lovely present for our Wedding Anniversary from my fab husband.  I love all things to do with stationary and today was no exception.  Mike brought me a beautiful Orla Kiely note book.

Last night for the first time in as long as I can remember Mike and I went out to dinner, just the two of us and it was great.  I had a truly great evening.  I think that this is something we are going to have to try and aim to do more often.  However we are off to Venice in a few weeks on our own for 4 days and I can't wait, although I am apprehensive about leaving little Mimi behind.

What an amazing sunrise 6.30am:  This is something that people without children might have missed!

Mimi helping put the rabbit out this morning.

We have had a great day helping Daddy in the garden and playing in the paddling pool.  About 2 weeks ago our neighbour asked Mike if he would mind cutting back some of the brambles to the side of the house.  They were quite out of control and were starting to infringe on his lovely manicured garden.  As always with projects like this Mike has taken to it like a duck out of water.  What started off as cutting a few brambles back seems to have turned into an earth moving exercise.  Unlike Mike in situations like this I shy away from the hard graft, this is not an area I particularly enjoy.  I am not overly keen on all the creepy crawlies.  I did however go out and help today.  I nearly wet myself when a whopping big frog or as Mike likes to call them a "marshary tap tap" leaped up and nearly landed on me.  Don't ask where "marshary tap tap" originates I still after 6 years of marriage haven't worked that one out!!!  There are a few other weird ones such as dog = noggers woolly, aeroplane = cobwob (because they make the cob webs wobble).

Mimi helping Daddy with his garden landscaping at 7.30 this morning!

Then after popping over to see Mikes parents for coffee we came back for more earth works.  Not wanting to shirk my duties it was too hot for me in the garden and I have the start of a cold so when Mimi went for her afternoon sleep I caught 40 winks too.  I feel really lazy but sometimes what the hell!

When Mimi woke up I decided we would get the paddling pool out.  Can you believe it here we are in October and Mimi was sitting in the garden in 27 degrees playing in the paddling pool.

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