Thursday, 29 September 2011

One lovely new pair of shoes......................................
One lovely new pair of shoes which are now soaking wet and smelling of wee wee!  GREAT!!!

Today we have spent another beautiful day in the garden running between the house and the garden.  Who can believe that we have got such glorious weather so late in September?!
I do truly believe that this is the calm before the storm and that this winter will be another harsh one.  Only this morning at music one of the ladies was telling us that someone she knows has got the long range fishing forecast and they reckon that late October early November will be bitterly cold.  Somehow they can tell what the weather will be doing based on the fish.  Only time will tell, however at the moment it seems a little unbelievable that potentially we could be plunged into the middle of winter in under a month!

What did we see in the garden today?

I think that this is a solitary bee.

Blackberries.  They are still going but are nearing the end of the season.

Ewwww check this whopper out.  A common UK earwig.

A giant spiders web.

Mimi trying to tell the time with a dandelion.

Mimi taking tea in the garden.

We also found some Beech Tree nut shells and saw a very tame little bird in the shrubs which I am struggling to identify.  I originally thought it may have been a tree sparrow but the colours were wrong.  I think it may have been a Dunnock.  Anyway it was very cute and Mimi was very impressed with her find.

A Dunnock

If I am totally honest I am really struggling at work at the moment.  So to keep my spirits up I have been plugging away on a number of little projects.  One of which is my beautiful quilt for Mimi's bed.  I am so proud of my progress.

First panel completed

This is what the end result should look like

Pattern came from Material Obsession

In amongst all of the chaos we also managed to pop to the shops to pick a few bits up and a pocket money visit to Poundland where Mimi got a Peppa Pig Recorder (Not sure what I was thinking off when I brought this!) and some ladybird wings.  One very happy buzzy bee!!!

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