Friday, 7 October 2011

Kids say the funniest things...

Yesterday morning Mimi tried to bite me.  At first I thought she wanted to give me a kiss or a lick but I was horrified when she sank her teeth in.  This is the first time she has done this.   So following all the usual tips from Joe Frost Mimi spent the next two minutes sitting or in her case screaming on the naughty mat. When her time was up I went and asked her to tell me what she had done wrong and why she had been made to sit on the naughty mat to which she replied all the correct answers.  I then said to her what mustn't you do and she replied "No Eating Mummy."  How I laughed.

Mimi is such a skinny mini that the new skirt I brought her from Gap didn't fit her and kept falling down.  This is happens a lot with trousers and skirts especially Monsoon ones.  I really wish all baby clothes came with  adjustable elastic waistbands.  So I had to carefully un-pick the waistband seam, pull the elastic a bit tighter (I cut off about 2 inches of elastic) then stitch it all back together.  It worked however it bunched the material up a bit too much on the waistband and made poor Mimi look like she has the biggest set of hips and bottom.  But hey she was happy with her new princess skirt and she is too young to worry about things like that.

Then we had a bit of a baking session.  We started out making pastry for a chicken pie and we kinda got a bit carried away.  First up we made some Cheese Stars.

Then we made some jam tarts

Eventually we made our chicken pie.  Which was delicious.  It was a bit of a mummy special - (I made it up as we went along!)  I meant to take a picture before it was cut up but totally forgot.

Having been stuck indoors for a few days I decided to take Mimi out for a couple of hours.  We popped over to Mama Feelgoods.  We had a lovely lunch and visited the amazing cake craft shop they have.  They have everything you could ever wish for when it comes to cake decorating.  We brought some lovely pink cake cases with flowers on and some purple glitter for the tops.  Now we just need to make them!!!  Maybe tomorrow?!?

Check out these great looking sandwiches we had a Mama Feelgoods.  Mimi had a Jam Sandwich and I had a toasted Brie and Bacon YUM YUM!

Last night I finished my latest book.  "Caught" Harlan Coben.  I brought this book ages ago but I found it so difficult to read in bed with my old glasses that it kind of got put to one side.  When I got my new glasses a few weeks back I picked it up again.  I would highly recommend this book.   It is a tremendous book with several story lines which all link together to keep you guessing right up until the end.  Basically a 17 year old girl goes missing for 3 months and the whole community imagines the worst.  A local reporter gets caught up in the twists when she embarks on her mission to bring down sexual predators via a televised sting operation.  

Does anyone remember the program on channel 4 a few years back called "The Book Group"?  I think I am talking 2002-03.  Anyway it was a great program which used to be on after "Teachers" (another great program).  It was about a random selection of people who got together on a regular basis to review a selection of books,  I used to watch it with my old flat mates, we thought it was great.  Check it out on you tube.  A few years ago after returning home having lived in London for a few years I thought it would be a good idea to set up a book club locally.  Nothing too serious somewhere to meet have a few glasses of wine and maybe discuss a book or two.  Trouble was no one was interested.  I did try a few on-line book clubs but they all took it far too seriously.  It was expected that you would try and read a zillion books a week.  I suppose it was one of those things.  Anyway - what to read next?   

Today I finally got round to making some cakes to take to my sisters tomorrow.  Check out the pink cases and purple glitter!!!

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