Sunday, 30 October 2011

Where has the last week gone?!?  It is already Sunday!!!  Whenever I have any spare time my mind just wanders and falls into creative mode.  This is not too good in my case as I then dread the return to work.  I really think that its time I started to use my creativity to set up a sideline.  However its the usual thing too many ideas, not enough time, wanting everything to be perfect and completed yesterday.

Mimi has been a bit of a nightmare this week.  I think my days of clothes shopping have finally passed.  I really needed to pick up some new tops for work and the weather wasn't looking too great so we popped into Canterbury. Having met my friend D for coffee Mimi became the devil child and I became the stressed out mother.  "Look at me I'm hiding", when I looked round she was clambering through all the clothes and wiping them all over her face.  She didn't want to sit in the buggy, then she did.  Then she didn't want to wear her shoes, then she did.  She didn't want her dummy, then she did.  She wanted to lie down like a Baby then she didn't.  (This was a nightmare as we had the Maclaren Buggy which meant every time she pulled herself forward the buggy re-set itself.)  Poor Mr Doggy was thrown in and out of the buggy so many times I am surprised he made it home with us.  To add to my day I had decided that we would go food shopping on the way home at the new Waitrose.  This was slightly better although she did insist on singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the TOP of her voice, interjected with "Help Me Help Me I need my Daddy".  We don't normally drink very much but whilst I was going round the supermarket the alcohol was calling me.  I had a lovely glass of wine in the evening.  A Waitrose own in association with Villa Maria White Sauvignon Blanc - YUM!.  As the week has progressed I wish I had brought MORE!!!!

I can't decide if its me being short tempered this week or Mimi being particularly difficult.  I can not remember when I last managed to get Mimi into a pair of trousers.  Dressing up as Angelina Ballerina is a daily activity, I struggled one night to get the dress off her as she wanted to wear it to bed as well.

Angelina Ballerina going for a walk.

This week I have finished Mimi's new hat.  I decided to adapt a pattern and experiment knitting with sequins.  I was quite pleased with the outcome and it only took me a couple of nights.  I think I might have another go.

Today we had a little pre-birthday get together as we are going to be away for my birthday.  Mike & I are off to Venice for 3 nights and Mimi is going on holiday to Grandma & Pa's.  We haven't been abroad anywhere other than France since before we got married 6 years ago so I am really excited.  Not sure its going to be that cheap though!  Anyway I put together a little Afternoon Tea treat.

Whilst K&S were up here we decided and booked a camping trip to France for next June Half Term.  Slightly worrying that we were all so impulsive, usually we procrastinate for weeks and never get round to going.  
Our chosen campsite is one we visited earlier this summer near Deauville.  Mimi has talked non-stop about camping since the summer despite the fact that it rained for the entire trip.  It looks like I will have to miss out on my planned trip to London for the Queens Jubilee, however it does mean that everyone can take advantage of the extra bank holidays this way.

On a final note check out this crazy sign I saw in a window the other day.  I made Mike go round the block just so that I could stop & take a photo.


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