Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Brit Mums Personal Prompt..........

ooooooo which one to choose.  I can think of a few but having narrowed down my list I think it has to be my washing machine.  I know I have previously mentioned this but honestly every time I do any washing I get really peeved off.  One small sock or now that Mimi is potty trained one small pair of knickers stuck in the lip of the door.

The rubber lip on the inside of the door has an overly large draining gap - just big enough to hold Mimi's knickers and socks.

The result is that the offending item or on some occasions items come out dirtier than when they went in. In the case of socks it really peeves me off as we then have miss matching pairs.  I do try to get all of the little blighter's into a net bag before the start of the wash but there is always one on an escape mission.

So there we have it my biggest pet peeve and my first Brit Mums Personal Prompt.

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