Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy Friday.

Jobs for today
  • Finish the washing from our holiday (plus all the additional washing from the potty training
  • Attempt to tidy the house
  • Persevere with potty training Mimi
  • Continuation of Project 4 - Fair Isle cardigan for Mimi (Pattern from Sublime -The second Sublime children's double knitting book.)
  • Afternoon Tea with Mrs R & L
  • Start Project 5 - Chair Renovation
  • Sort out all of the bills.

Having fun in the garden

Afternoon Tea with Mrs R & L

Project 4 - Fair isle Cardigan for Mimi

Project 5 - Chair Renovation

Mimi had her first wee wee on the toilet today which we all found very exciting.  I am finding it quite tough going, we have had a few nasty experiences.  This morning when I was in the shower she said "I need a WEE WEE!!  Quick Mummy Quick" so covered in soap and dripping wet I jumped out of the shower and ran to the toilet with her when she turned round and said "Off Off No WEE WEE!"  Little Monkey!

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