Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another Sunny Sunday

Jobs for today:

  • Hopefully my last load of washing for a few days
  • Continuation of Project 5 - Chair Restoration
  • Wrap M & V's Birthday presents
  • Grandma popping in for coffee
  • K & S's for a BBQ get together with V & A
  • More potty training mayhem (Although we went to K&S in a nappy!)
Got up early so that I could give my chair another coat of paint before Mike went sailing.  Mimi was a little horror and had to sit on the mat several times in quick sucession for 1) Drawing on the sofa with felt tips, 2) throwing a pen at me when I was sitting on the toilet because I wouldn't draw her a cat, 3) drawing on the bedroom mirror with green crayon, 4) throwing a book at Daddy for not reading it to her INSTANTLY!  All of these interruptions made the process of getting ready take twice as long.

My mum popped up for coffee on her bike and whilst I was finishing my make up in the peace I could hear her (referring to the pen on the sofa) saying to Mimi "Well I think you are lucky you only got away with sitting on the naughty mat - if you had been living with me you wouldn't have been so lucky!"  I just chose to ignore her and carried on with what I was doing.

Walking along the beach with Grandma

Weather didn't start off so great this morning - I thought the weather wasn't going to hold out so dressed for the BBQ in autumnal clothing only for the sun to come out and for me to then sit in the garden boiling but I shouldn't complain as it is a marked improvement on last weekend's weather.  
We have had a lovely afternoon with great food and great company.  As usual K & S produced a great spread with the most amazing pavlova by Delia.
Mimi was a little minx and had to sit on the naughty mat for throwing Thomas the Tank Engine at M.

Back home with a lovely cuppa and I think (when Mimi has gone to bed) that I am going to take my make up off, soak my feet and then carry on with Project 4 - Mimi's cardigan.

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