Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Miss Average

I was reading this months copy of UK Vogue and as usual there is a beauty must have section.  They always show these beautiful people with their "Must Have" vanity cases such as Kate Moss with her £455 Anti-Aging cream.

The article got me wondering what "Miss Average" has in her beauty bag.

So here we go these are my beauty must haves

  • Ren Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk  (Liz Earl cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser is a good alternative its just that you can not buy it locally and have to order either directly from Liz Earl or John Lewis.)
  • Loreal Revitalift day cream
  • Loreal Reviatlift eye cream  (Check Boots out they had Loreal Reviatlift on special when I went in the other day.)
  • Laura Mercier foundation primer
  • Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
  • Bobby Brown Concealer
  • Laura Mercier pressed powder
  • MAC Bisque eyeshadow
  • Laura Mercier eye pencil for the lower lids
  • MAC Fluidline for the upper lid
  • Laura Mercier mascara
  • MAC lip conditioner  
  • Chantecaille lip chic Amaryllis (Available from SpaceNK)  I never used to wear lipstick but I really like this one and it makes me feel more confident.

Having tried quite a few brands including MAC (which is double the price) I have concluded that for the price this is the best eye makeup remover.  Check out Boots as it is quite often on offer - last week I brought two for £5.

I really liked the Lipstick Queen pencil in Chase which you can get in SpaceNK but the colour I wanted was out of stock - I am hoping that it comes back in soon.

Periodically I feel guilty about spending too much (as typically everything runs out at once) and I drop a brand.  I have however found this to be a false economy as I am always disappointed and usually return to my original brand.

Here are some of my not so good purchases.

Bourjois Liner Pinceau.  I found this difficult to apply and generally I ended up applying too much and I felt as if I was trying to join the teenage girls in my classes.  If I was about 10years younger it may have been ok.
I also found it made my eyes water and more often than not it had smudged by the end of the day.

I also tried the Liner Feutre once.  This was a total disaster and immediately was placed in the bin.  This is a felt tip style upper lid liner which I found difficult to control.

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