Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Yay No Washing!

Jobs for today:
  • Yay No washing!!!
  • Visit D&H for coffee
  • Take Mimi on her promised walk to the beach to collect yet more pebbles.

Afternoon walk to the beach for pebbles.

Wow time to spare so I have managed to find some time to work on the cushion for my chair project and I started my next project for Mimi's bedroom.

Continuing on from the theme of Thrifty Saturday I have been after a vintage style afternoon tea plate for my cakes and sandwiches.  I saw one in a second-hand shop at the weekend, (but the shop was shut) so this morning Mike took Mimi for 10mins whilst I popped down to get it.  I think this could be my purchase of the week.  My brother and his girlfriend are coming down in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to make a traditional afternoon tea.

I didn't go to bed until nearly midnight as I was busy trying to finish my onion chutney, I was so tired that I forgot to take a photo of the finished product.  So I took a couple this morning.  I was pleased with the outcome it tastes good although I don't think Mike will like it very much as the chilli is a little overpowering.

Mimi has been a little monkey today and has had to spend a fair few minutes on the naughty mat for jumping on the sofa.  I was hoping that we had started to master the concept of potty training yesterday although this does not appear to be the case as we have had several accidents today.  We are now in a state of flux, I didn't want to risk going to D&H's in knickers in-case we had an accident so decided to go in nappies.  However Mimi found nappies quite traumatic and kept shouting "I need a wee wee".
Having thought about it and after speaking to D I think we are going to tell Mimi that the nappy fairy has taken all of the nappies away and left a big pile of chocolate money in place of them.  Each time she goes to the toilet she can have some chocolate money.  Watch this space!!!!!!! 

I have also upped the anti with the naughty mat.  Mimi really wants a Thomas the Tank Engine.  We have decided that she can have one but she is going to have to earn it.  So each time she goes on the naughty mat she gets a little black cloud marked on a wall chart and if she does something good she gets a smiley face sticker.  When we have 10 smiley faces we will take her shopping and she can choose her Thomas.

Mimi collecting smiley faces for helping Daddy

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