Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Happy Wednesday

Playing football with Daddy
Oh no where did the ball go?

Yippee one day left until the end of term and we finally have our new time-table for September!!!  I have had enough now and I am ready for a break although I am not sure camping with a two year old is going to be much of a break especially if the last few days are anything to go by.

My poor husband was under some strange illusion that the terrible twos would bottom out soon and things would get better.  Oh how he has a shock coming.

When we got home tonight Mimi had to sit on the naughty mat twice in the space of about a minute for jumping on the sofa with her shoes on.  I feel exhausted its full on from the minute we wake up until the minute she goes to bed!

Everything seems more rosy with Daddy cooking dinner and a lovely glass of wine.

Daddy cooking dinner.

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