Sunday, 4 March 2012

Where has the sun gone?!?!  Suddenly it is feeling quite chilly again!  We went for a walk along the seafront this morning with A, H & little R and it was bitterly cold with a biting wind.  We headed for their B&B/Hotel and had coffee.   A day for staying stopping indoors I think!!

Mimi waiting for her coffee!!!

Mimi has a mild dose of conjunctivitis we have been giving her drops and it seems a lot better today.  Poor little thing had to miss N's birthday party yesterday afternoon as I was worried about her passing it on to everyone else.
She was well enough to go out and meet with our friends which was good.  I am really hoping that we haven't given our germs to everyone.

Weight Watchers went much better this week.  I have lost a pound and a half..... YAY I finally got my "Silver 7" and my 5%.  So since Christmas I have now lost just over half a stone which I am really pleased with.  Still got about a stone to go but hey maybe we will see the bikini this summer after all!

This afternoon it is Pa's Birthday so we decided to make him a birthday cake.  We settled on a heart shaped cake.  Silly Mummy overfilled the tin and the cake including tin has merged itself into the shape of a shelf!!!  Not too sure what has happened to my baking skills lately everything seems to be a disaster.  I have definitely made better looking cakes - however it tasted okay.  I t need to work on my presentation!!!  We even managed to rope Daddy into helping.


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