Sunday, 11 March 2012

We Brought a Zoo Preview

Last Friday as a member of Mumsnet Bloggers I was lucky enough to be one of a handful of bloggers selected to attend a preview of we brought a zoo at 20th Century Fox in London.

Having previously read an article about We brought a zoo in one of the national papers I was very excited  to attend. Directed by Cameron Crowe the film was inspired from a true story.

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Set in California We Brought a Zoo is about Benjamin Mee (played by A-lister Matt Damon) and his young family who buy a dilapidated zoo whilst coming to terms with the loss of his wife and mother of his two children Dylan and Rosie.    In purchasing the zoo Mee takes on the adventure of a lifetime in more ways than one.   Mee has to learn to cope with his loss and his roller-coaster relationship with his son Dylan not to mention the existing workforce who had little faith in him or his abilities to run a zoo.   Head zoo keeper Scarlett Johansson, cast as Kelly Foster, and MacCready , (played by Angus Macfadyen) the heavy drinking keeper  add a humorous touch to the film.  However the star of the film was definitely Mee’s daughter Rosie played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones, a superstar in the making. 

Although the film differs in some aspects from Benjamin Mee’s original book it provides you with a heart rending story of love and adventure.  You may want to get your hankies ready.  We brought a Zoo will have you both laughing and crying as you go on the adventure with them.

I was not disappointed; the film lived up to my expectations I am in awe of the unimaginable task Benjamin Mee took on and the lust and romance associated with such and adventure.  The A-list cast complimented the story beautifully and the outcome is a film which the whole family will enjoy. I would however note that despite the rating of a U I am not sure of its suitability younger children.

We Brought a Zoo is released to the public on Friday 16th March.  Why not check out their facebook page

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  2. Thanks so much for a great review. Will check this film out.



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