Saturday, 3 March 2012

Great weekend line up......

Great weekend line up.........

Last night we went to dinner at our friends E & A.  E cooked the most amazing pork curry.  I would never have thought of using pork in a curry.  I will definitely have to get the recipe it was truly amazing.  We took Mimi with us and she was such a good girl.  She played with S & M and then when they went to bed she slept beautifully on E & A's sofa until we left.  She made it all look so easy.  If only this was always the case!!!!
She was quite funny when she was playing with S & M last night.  M had a Buzz Lightyear and Mimi was in awe playing with it.  S was most disappointed because as a girl Mimi should have been playing with Barbie and not Buzz!!  Funny how the stereo types creep in from an early age.

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Buzz V's Barbie

Today we have got some friends coming to see us who we haven't seen since we got married 6 years ago and Mimi has got a birthday party for her little friend N from play-school.

Mimi has finally stop requesting to be a scary tiger.  Yesterday morning before play-school (despite having a bath the night before) I had to really scrub her face as she had started to take on a yellow tinge and looked like she had jaundice.

Wow what a Scary Tiger

Yesterday we had our first trip to play-school since September without any tears.  Mimi is very strange I think it is an anxiety issue as being separated from us as we have to leave her screaming however we pick her up 3 hours later and she is like a different child telling us great it was.  Anyway I have resorted to bribery...............I told her what a brave girl she was and that if we didn't have any tears then she could have Slinky the dog from Toy Story, there was a request for Buzz however there was about a £45.00 price difference so we settled on Slinky.

Toy Story Talking Slinky Dog
Some of poor Slinky's rings are already a little bent but Mimi is quite happy.

Poor little thing has woken up this morning with what looks like an eye infection.  Wonder what are chances are of being seen by a doctor this morning?!?

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