Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Down at the bottom of the garden.......

Mimi loves going out in the garden.  Ever since she was really little my Dad has taught her about the different birds they get in their garden.  Then for Christmas I was given a bird table and we regularly put out bird cakes for the birds (home-made fat balls).  Mimi loves it and is always screeching about the birds in the garden.  This week my Mum gave Mimi the RSPB My First Book of......series.

My First Book of Garden Birds, £6.99, Books and DVDs,  

My First Book of Garden Wildlife, £6.99, Books and DVDs,  

RSPB My First Book of Garden Bugs, £6.99, Books and DVDs,  

She loves them, we have spent hours looking through them and pointing out what we have seen.  The books are really well laid out and easy to follow with excellent eye catching illustrations.  They are informative and well written.  They remind me of the books we used to have when were children. (I did a post last year about nature)  We are spoilt with the amount of wildlife we get in our garden.  One of our regular visitors is the Green Woodpecker.  I was therefore a little disappointed not to see it in the "My First Book of Garden Birds".

The other day we drove past the field at the bottom of the road and Mimi was so excited because the sheep had come back from their holiday and even more exciting was the fact that the Mummy Sheep had got Mimi Sheep!!  Mike decided to take her for a walk to look at them.  There is a public foot path that runs through the middle of the field.  When they came back Mimi was quite traumatised by the experience.  Mike said that they were walking through the field when they were chased by a sheep.  All Mimi could tell me was that the Mummy Sheep she did chase us and she did make noises.  I know I shouldn't laugh but Mike said Mimi was screaming and was climbing up him the sheep was trying to chase them and he had the scooter too.  Now every time we go past the field she says the Mummy sheep did make noises.  

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