Sunday, 25 March 2012

C is for.......?!?

This week we have had fun with the letter C.  Mimi must have spent about an hour or more playing shops in my car yesterday afternoon.  I remember playing in my mums car when I was little.  

This is something I have been meaning to do ever since I came across the idea on Pininterest.  As anyone with children will know you always end up with a huge collection of broken crayons which usually end up being thrown out.  Well this is a great idea for recycling them.  Basically you peel off all the bits of paper and drop them into some silicone cases.  Pop them in the oven for about 5-10mins and voilà, heart shaped crayons! 

I picked up six silicone cup cake cases from Poundland which I thought was a bargain as I had seen some else where for about £5.  I gave them a quick squirt with some 1cal spray and I followed a great tutorial I came across on make and takes although I did turn my oven up a fraction to about 150 degrees.  What the tutorial doesn't tell you is how long it takes to peel off all the dam paper!!!  Having spent hours colouring in with Mimi and spending an hour peeling off all the paper I have concluded that the only crayons worth buying are Crayola.

We also had a practice run at making some cake pops for Mimi's birthday and the playschool Easter Fate (although I hadn't got any sticks hence pop bites).    I have attempted to make them before and the outcome was not good.  This time I think the outcome was much better.  I got the basic idea from Bakerella, I made my Red Velvet cake using the Hummingbird recipe and combined the mixture together with the Hummingbird cream cheese frosting recipe.  I have previously tried candy melts but I struggled with the consistency so I decided to use bog standard scot bloc.  I have realised that part of the trick is to pop your cake balls in the freezer or fridge before you coat them.  

I was planning on trying to take Mimi to the Castle but we never seemed to get there.  One of my friends mentioned the idea of Camping which we thought was a great idea but it is a bit too chilly once the sun goes in.  I think Mimi had fun, now what shall we do with week D?

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