Saturday, 24 March 2012

If I look out in the garden.......What can I see?? #2

Now if there is one thing I can not stand is GIANT spiders.  Living so close to a field we get some whopping big spiders in the house and last night was no exception.  Despite the fact that this one is missing a leg and compared to other places in the world he is relatively small he still gives me goose bumps.  I always thought men were meant to be tough when it comes to things like this but Mike is even worse than me.  Once when getting out of the shower a huge one plopped onto the floor from my towel.  YUCK!!  Its really hard though not to scare Mimi when we see them.  When we first moved in I was horrified by the size of them and looked them up on the internet, I seriously thought that they can not be a native to the UK but found out that this little baby is probably a Purse Spider.

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