Saturday, 31 December 2011

One more day then its all over for another year!!  We have had a lovely Christmas.  Lots of friends and family.  Although my Mother-in-law did ruffle my feathers when she tried feeding Mimi a huge bowl of Sherry laced trifle.  Mimi has been totally spoilt and I have got a bad back after having to pull her along the seafront on her new scooter (we haven't worked out how to steer properly yet and can only go in a straight line).

Christmas Dinner was a success.  I managed to cater for 8 of us without any major issues.  I did however seriously over cater and we have been eating leftovers ever since.  I have made a couple of Turkey & Leek Pies for the freezer and a batch of Cornish Pasties.

I was obviously a good girl this year and got lots of lovely presents.

Camera Lens Mug
I got this really cool mug from my fab husband.  

Looks like we will be having a night in this evening as we don't really have a babysitter and we haven't got anywhere to go, but I am happy with this.  I think the plan is to get some good food, a bottle of champers and we might try to hold out till midnight.  I am fairly tired as Mimi has taken to waking me up at 4.30am with a bloody bell - (which is soon to be hidden).  I hasten to add that this bell was a Christmas Present from one of our friends who does not have children!  I have also noticed that Michael rolls over and turns up his ipod.

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