Friday, 16 December 2011

Yay Christmas Holiday's

 Yay Christmas Holiday's are finally here.  It has been a tough term.  

Last weekend we finally got around to buying a Christmas tree.  This year our Christmas tree search proved much more difficult than normal.  I am sure that last year we paid about £17.00 from B&Q.  We originally thought we would go there again this year, however they ranged in price from about £16.00 (although these were brown twigs with a few needles left) to £49.99.  Now I am not a scrooge however £50.00 for a tree for 3 weeks seems a little excessive especially based on my recent resignation. So after some trips to some local nursery's we found a beautiful locally grown tree with plenty of needles for half the price of B&Q.

Mummy's little fairy!!!

I have as always got a few projects on the go.  Here are a couple of my latest projects:

A fabric Birthday card for my friend D
I decided to design and make some Christmas Cards.

First of all I made a quick sketch of a Robin.

Then using various fabric scraps I appliquéd my
Robin on to the front of my card.

Also this week we have picked up a bargain on ebay.  We got a whole heap of Brio train track.  One lot cost £4.19 and the other £15.00.  One evening I spent about 3 hours putting together this great track design only for it to be trashed the following morning in about 3mins.

Tonight we are off out to Pizza Express and then a Carol Concert at the Cathedral which I am sure Mimi will just love.  

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