Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thank Goodness for Online Shopping

Yay, Christmas shopping is almost complete thanks to the beauty of online shopping.  I attempted a trip to the shops the other day with Mimi but it was so stressful I gave up.  I did see lots of nice things to buy for myself and had to keep reminding myself why I had actually gone shopping.

At the start of the year I decided that we were going to budget to allow for Christmas as last year I was shocked to have to find the extra money in December.  This has panned out quite well and so far so good.  I would like to think we will do the same next year but my looming unemployment may put pay to that.  We will have to wait and see!!!

This weekend we have been fairly busy.  I helped my Mum deliver a wedding cake yesterday.  She is the most amazing cake artist I know.  She is very talented however she only really does it as favours to friends now and usually runs at a loss!  Despite all of this the cake was AMAZING.  I wish I could create something this beautiful.  I think she said that she made something like 700 flowers.   She is mad in one of the local cake decorating shops these retail individually at about 10p each and she charged about this for the whole cake!!!

I recently saw a great pin on pininterest where someone had made gift tags out of salt dough.  So after finding a recipe on the internet we got down to the messy business of using "big girls" Playdoh as Mimi called it.  I was quite pleased with the outcome.  To speed up the process I put them in our Microwave/Combi oven thingy at about 50degress for about an hour.  (Our cooker is still broken!!  This is Mikes job to sort one out tomorrow whilst I am at work!)

I considered buying a Christmas Tree today out at the local vegetable shop but decided they were a bit pricey so I think I will make this my mission for my days off this week.  Also I think I might take Mimi for her first adventure to the Cinema to watch Arthur Christmas.

Yay two weeks until the end of term!!!!!

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