Thursday, 1 September 2011

Toddler trauma No2: Moving into a "Big Girls" bed.

Well here we are the last day of the summer holidays.  I go back to work tomorrow morning (Tueday).  It does feel really strange.  However because I am only part time I am in for one day and then not back again until Friday.

We decided that we should finally take the plunge and move Mimi into a big bed.  We have held off for so long with her cot that she was almost at the point of outgrowing it.  We have previously attempted taking the bars off the side of the cot but it was so traumatic that we put them back.

Oh my big girl.

It was all very exciting.  She thought it was great.  Lots of shrieking and jumping.  She looks so tiny in a jumbo bed.  We did consider buying a toddler bed but decided that with a spare single bed in the loft we would just use that instead and save ourselves some pennies.

It didn't start off too well.  I must have taken her back to her bed at least 10 times.  I would sit down and in she would come again.  When I stood up to go and take her back she would run off screaming in delight.  She thought it was one big game.  Therefore starting as we mean to go on today Mike put up a baby gate on her bedroom door.  This appears to have had the desired effect.  She stood there screaming for a while at lunch time but she did settle ok and tonight not a peep out of her.  Fingers crossed!

This morning J rang to say that it was a really low tide and did we fancy rock pooling.  So first thing we popped down to the beach.  Mimi had a great time with her net fishing for prawns and crabs.  J using just a little child's net managed to catch a fair few prawns.  Mimi got very wet but had fun jumping about in the little streams.

A while back I noticed that I had lost my sense of smell.  It was one of those weird things where I can't really pin point when I lost it.  I have to teach Food Technology at school and after a few near misses with some cakes I eventually decided that I would go to the doctors about it.  I felt really silly.  However loss of smell is more common than people realise.  Additionally it is a recognised condition known as Anosmia.  The long of short of the story is that I have been diagnosed as having Anosmia.  Unfortunately because the nerve endings are very delicate if they have been damaged by a cold or virus then the upshot is that I have lost it and it will never come back.  The consultant said that basically I will have to go for a CT scan and if it comes back clear then I will have to just learn to live with it.
It is something that hadn't really worried me very much until I had to start working in Food Technology as I seriously can not smell burning food, gas or contaminated foods.

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