Sunday, 4 September 2011

New school year

This last week saw the return to school after the summer break.  It is amazing how quickly you fall back into the swing of things. In a relatively short space of time you feel like the holidays were a distant memory.

My days have changed so I now don't work on a Wednesday or a Thursday which in a way may be quite good as it will feel like we have two weekends.

Last Thursday we spent  the day at the Zoo with one of our friends and her children and then lunch at this great little place called Mama feelgoods.  We will definitely be going back soon.

Mimi Playing at the park in the Zoo

Friday I had to work until 2.30pm, Mike was really busy with work so Mimi spent the morning over at Mikes parents and I picked her up on the way home.  Isn't it typical we all go back to work and the sun comes out.  

Green Goddess
RHDR - The worlds smallest public railway.
Yesterday we were planning on going on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway but the weather was just so glorious we decided that was something we could do another time and instead went to the beach in the morning.

Then Mike took part in a sailing race which went from the sailing club up to the  Quay in Sandwich.  So we went over in the car to watch him come up the river.

Whilst we were out I experienced my first awfully embarrassing toddler statement.  As we were walking along the tow path towards the park we passed a coloured man, to which Mimi said "Chocolate man" and pointed.  I was just so embarrassed.  I don't think he heard and if he did he didn't turn around.  What do you do in situations like this?

When Mike came in off the water we loaded the boat onto the roof of the car and then I went for a drink with my friend.  We ended up popping into town and having a few more glasses of wine and a lovely Thai meal before walking home in the rain.

Drinks on a lovely calm evening overlooking the pier.


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