Tuesday, 6 September 2011


When I first started Mummy & Mimi back at the start of the summer I had no idea how addictive it would become.  I think sitting at my computer at 3.30am is proving my point.

Not only have I become addicted to updating my blog nearly everyday I have become totally obsessed with all the other great blogs I have come across.  Reading all the blogs on my reading list has become a daily ritual along pininterest (another one of my newly acquired obsessions - a whole other post in itself!)

I have recently stumbled across a lifestyle blog Live Creating Yourself.  This beautiful young lady is so full of zest for life and has created a beautiful well written and informing blog.  This is definitely something that I aspire to.  Using google reader as I find it is a great place to keep all of your blog reading together I have just read a post titled "Two years ago, I started a blog".  When you read it, it makes you think wow, all of this in two years!  But it also makes you feel like you can do it too.

When you are young free and single everything is out there for the taking.  Whilst when you get older the same opportunities are there, the choices you have to make become harder.  "Just do what you love"  I know that we should be true to ourselves but once you have children trying to find the time to juggle everything becomes a job in itself.   There does however come a point where you have to have some self belief and I feel that I have started to find this through writing my Mummy & Mimi.

Mummy and Mimi started out after reading a friends post on facebook which is an even more unhealthy habit which I am pleased to say I have kicked since starting my Mummy & Mimi.
I don't really know what I intended to do with my blog.  I think I just wanted to get out there.  Its funny because as I have continued to write my confidence has grown.  My first few posts I kept running past my husband, "what do you think? Is it ok?" and I would get upset if he didn't agree with something I said.  I felt it knocked the wind out of my sails.  So now I go it alone.  Mummy and Mimi originated through my love for my family and my home life, however it has allowed me to drift back towards the things I do truly love which is everything to do with design, interiors, fashion, architecture, textiles, graphics and art to name a few.

I have so many creative ideas they all seem scrambled in my head.  Whilst I would love to leave my job, I know that at the moment it is not an option but starting Mummy and Mimi has allowed me to develop a passion which I thought I had lost.  And I think that when Alaina Kaczmarski from Live Creating Yourself says "You have nothing to worry about. You'll figure this out. Just do what you love."  She is right.  Its time for me to move on, have more faith and I will figure it out.

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